Undir Fjogur Augu Skulls 2017 | Kristjana S Williams

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Technical Specifications

Undir Fjogur Augu Skulls 2017, a limited edition giclee print by artist Kristjana S Williams.

The story behind the artwork:

This wall art skull print, which Icelandic name translates literally as 'Under four Eyes', with the meaning confidentially between you and me, is a breath taking piece of art. Depicting two skulls, made out of numerous butterfly particles, having a private and confidential conversation.

Undir Fjogur Augu Skulls 2017

Limited Edition Giclee Print one Paper

Edition Size: 175

Approximate Framed Dimensions:

Small - 515mm x 390mm

Medium - 890mm x 640mm

Large - 1640mm x 1140mm

Comes Framed

*All dimensions are approximate