Covid-19 Pandemic collection7 Artworks

A collection of artworks that were created in and around various lockdowns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Some works feature the NHS rainbow with sales from a few of the pieces being donated to the NHS. A moment in history that will never be forgotten, secure a piece of art that symbolises the time that the world came together and stayed home, protected the NHS and saved lives. 

Choose Your Own Heroes image
Choose Your Own Heroes
£ 395.00
Rainbow Spirit | Emma Grzonkowski image
Rainbow Spirit | Emma Grzonkowski
£ 795.00
Rainbow Tears | Emma Grzonkowski image
Rainbow Tears | Emma Grzonkowski
£ 795.00
A Rainbow For Heroes | Dean Martin image
A Rainbow For Heroes | Dean Martin
£ 295.00
Modern Love | Dean Martin image
Modern Love | Dean Martin
£ 325.00
Summer Loving 2020 | Dean Martin image
Summer Loving 2020 | Dean Martin
£ 395.00
Corona-Nation Queen | Paul Oz image
Corona-Nation Queen | Paul Oz
£ 385.00