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Technical Specifications

Second Class

It takes a lot of chuzpah and a touch of genius to invent a new genre of art – particularly one that explodes into a full-on performance on your wall. What fun to have the power to bring a two-dimensional portrait to life if there’s a lull in your party or even if you feel a bit lonely. Take our word for it - it’ll start a whole new conversation… literally!

Taking their inspiration from the standard 1st and 2nd Class stamps, Chawk & Marot offer a respectfully reimagined classic image we all know and love in celebration and commemoration of the Platinum Jubilee. An image that is timeless and traditional, a true visual representation of our Monarch, never dating yet always a part of history, our today, our yesteryear and our future. Celebrating the reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Marot uses Augmented Reality to give the viewer a visual look back over the sentimental and powerful moments throughout our lives which are a beautiful reflection of some of the most important events throughout her reign.

 At a touch, technical mobile App magic allows you to play a soundbite synonymous with the iconic portrait… as you watch and become an actual part of the performance. Experimenting with their style of “augmented reality” has reaped boundless opportunities for CHAWK & Marot and, although art has come a long way since images of Stone Age animals were scratched on cave walls, this exciting collaboration could reinvent art all over again in the 21st century.

Download the Artivive app & scan the QR code to watch the artwork come to life.

Second Class

Limited Edition Giclee On Canvas - Hand Embellished

Edition size: 70

Framed size: 23.5 x 27"

Comes Framed 

*All dimensions are approximate

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