Firemountains & Jardskorpufleka Skyline | Kristjana S Williams

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Firemountains & Jardskorpufleka Skyline, a giclee print by Kristjana S Williams.

Iceland’s natural surroundings are incredibly unique. It is the only inhabited island in the world where tectonic plates and the ocean ridge are visible on land, a geographical phenomena that has led to the many active volcanoes in the country. As a girl, Kristjana would take picnics upon old lava fields that over time had been blanketed by a beautiful, slow-growing Icelandic moss. What was once a molten, fiery landscape, had been transformed into a place of emerald coloured magic; a place where it is easy to dream of elves and sprites, of tiny micro-organisms claiming new life after the ravages of eruption. Here, the ever present power of the volcano is framed by the inky blackness of Iceland’s deep winter, with the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. In Fire Mountains & Jardskorpufleka Skyline, Kristjana conveys the terrifying yet awe-inspiring power of Iceland's constantly simmering volcanos, which she feels encapsulates the true energy and spirit of Iceland and its people.

“It Lies in the Eyes Upstairs” - An Introduction from Afar is a brand new collection of iconic artwork that celebrates the spirit and beauty of Kristjana’s native Iceland.

Limited Edition Giclee print on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm, signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition Size: 125

Print Size: 84.1 x 25 cm

Framed Size: 96.1 x 37 x 3.5 cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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