Glasto! | Mark Davies

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Glasto!, a phenomenal limited edition print by artist Mark Davies.

This striking new print celebrates the iconic festival of Glastonbury on it's 50th anniversary and the vast number of headline acts that have graced the pyramid stage over this time.

In 2019 Mark set about planning how he could celebrate Glastonbury turning 50, to see it then cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic was gutting whilst naturally completely appropriate. He continued regardless and what you now see is an image that showcases each and every one of the headliners since T-Rex kicked things off in 1970. Music brings people together; Glastonbury brings people together and this piece ‘GLASTO!’ brings artists together for one hell of a session!

The iconic Ribbon Tower and Pyramid stage sit in front of the silhouetted hills as the sun sets or rises depending on how you see it. Mark wanted to capture the energy and passion as they perform together whilst also conveying that wonderful sense of calm after overdoing it. A fire is the centre piece to bring people together and to reminisce, the magical details that radiate out from the flames and fill the scene signify this as the fuel for stirring and reigniting memories, some to keep close, others to set free.

'GLASTO!' represents something very different, and exciting from Mark where the figures dominate. His skill for blending and unifying people into highly detailed scenes was showcased in the recent 'Smile' (Joker) piece and judging on the number of orders it seems his collectors love it! 'GLASTO!' takes this to a whole new level! The Gallagher brothers are together again (fingers crossed for a reunion), Stormzy, Skin, Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, The Rolling Stones and so many others are all there yet the composition is set to give centre stage to the viewer, it really feels like you're there and part of the group. Very special!

The print comes in 2 paper formats with hand embellished AP editions as well as a hand embellished deluxe canvas edition.


Limited Edition Giclee Print

Standard Edition

Edition Size: 50 + 5 APs | Image Size: 25" x 18.5"

Large Edition

Edition Size: 20 + 5 APs | Image Size: 32" x 24"

Hand Embellished Canvas Edition

Edition Size: 10 + 2 APs | Image Size: 36" x 27"

All come framed

*All dimensions are approximate