Golden Glow | Katy Jade Dobson

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Golden Glow

This collection converges like streams toward an estuary, blending multiple timelines seamlessly. From classic animal portraiture adorned with prismatic colors to bold backdrops and abstract subjects featuring dreamy scenes guided by reaching tree branches and flittering birds, it delves into a decade-long journey of the artist's favorite works. Rooted in a deep love for animals, botanics, and the natural world, the collection is enriched with glittering gold and silver leaf. Luxurious textures intertwine with a palette of exquisite jewel oil pigments, crafting the artist's distinctive ethereal style.

Moreover, the addition of two stunning original artworks, "Golden Glow" and "Silver Glow," elevates the collection further. These pieces feature backgrounds entirely embellished in Metallic Gold and platinum Leaf work, standing out boldly with their striking metallic compositions. The interplay between the reflective foils and the artist's recognizable composition style and color palette creates an ultra-modern aesthetic, showcasing the artist's versatile techniques.

Golden Glow

Hand Painted Original Artwork - Oil Painting Medium with 18crt Metallic Gold Foil Leaf Background, presented on primered artist board - Lacquered with UV protective varnish. Framed in double rim - with a white inner and contemporary black square edge moulding profiles.

Framed Size: 31.5" x 31.5"

Framed: £2,695.00

Signed, Numbered & Certified Limited Editions -Fine Art Giclee on Hahnemühle Museum Paper, UV Protective Inks and Mounted Using Acid Free & pH Neutral Conservation Materials.

Framed Size: 34.5" x 34.5"

Edition Size: 45 + 5 AP's

Framed: £465.00

*All dimensions are approximate

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