Retro Car | Various Colours

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Technical Specifications
Glass art by Pawel Borowski and already a classic of the ART OBJECTS collection. Not just for classic car fans!

Each object shown here embodies the craftsmanship of our glassmakers. Behind each of the objects that appear so light, cheerful and colorful is a complex, often sweaty manufacturing process. Today only a few people or manufactories master the old, demanding craft of the glassmaker.

In the Borowski Glass Studio you can work with almost all known techniques of cold and hot glass processing - this enables the artists to realize challenging visions and constant new, experimental ideas.The three brothers Stani-Jan, Wiktor and Pawel Borowski learned how to use the glass pipe and the glowing material from scratch. While Wiktor mainly takes care of sales, Pawel and Stani-Jan work in the factory on site every day at the glass furnace.

Mouth-blown and traditionally handcrafted glass objects may have minor color and shape deviations that are unavoidable for manufacturing reasons. Air inclusions in the glass are a sign of the handmade product and should not be regarded as a defect. There may be deviations of a few centimeters in the size specifications.

Height:    9.75"

Width:     9.75"

Length:  22.5"

Material: blown glass

*All dimensions are approximate