The Memory Remains 2

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Nothing like a bit of pressure with this one! Without doubt the most requested and anticipated sequel to one of my earlier works so even though Ialways knew what I would do it certainly added something to the process! In fact, it almost didn’t happen, oh how we laugh seeing someone driveoff with their fuel cap on their roof from a petrol station. What about leaving your studio in pitch blackness with your laptop on the roof beforegetting home and realising you left it in the studio but then approach a bend in the road to see what is blatantly your laptop smashed to bits afterbeing run over by what looked like a monster truck. The piece was about 80% done and saved ‘locally’ and due to go to print in two days’ time, ohhow I wept like a baby. Blubbering and crapping myself aside I luckily was saved by ‘iCloud’ and was able to finish it to what you now see today.There’s a story for the Grandkids right there.‘The Memory Remains’ focused on an intriguing, classic toy shop – a million miles away from how we shop for our kids nowadays. So, what we seein the follow up is inside the toy shop, a nostalgic feast of pretty much every toy that you can think back to owning or wanting to own. The roomis full to bursting with classic games, toys and sweets in the hope that I have created the ultimate shrine to our childhood playtime. This is withoutdoubt the most labour-intensive piece that I have created to date, with in excess of one hundred hours going into the scene. There are subtlequalities that link visually with the first piece in terms of composition and I am keen to see if you spot them.I am always keen for my pieces to link together and this is done here by some of the toys and teddies being referenced in the toy shop that are alsoshown in my 2019 ‘Skool’s Out’ piece where the Summer holidays are in full swing (can’t help myself with the puns). This shows that everythingrevolves around the toy shop that you see here now, there was none of this shopping around or click and collecting – it was that trip in with youfamily or friends to the toy shop in town and you loved and lived every minute of it.So, for everyone who owns the first piece or missed out but hoped for a great follow up I genuinely hope that you love what you see and that I havedone justice to your memories. I have loved every single minute of creating this piece (with the exception of paragraph 1!) and on a personal level it has reinforced what a cracking childhood I enjoyed and without doubt those memories burn more vividly than before, the best memories will always remain.“... it has reinforced what a cracking childhood I enjoyed and without doubt those memories burn more vividly than before, the best memories will always remain.”   By Mark Davies

Premium Canvas Edition(All canvases are hand embellished) 2019 

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Giclee Limited Edition - Large (Artist Proofs are hand embellished) 2019 

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Giclee Limited Edition - Standard(Artist Proofs are hand embellished)2019 

45 + 5 AP

Framed Size 32.5” x 26”

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