Toxicity (Suicide Squad) | Mark Davies

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Toxicity (Suicide Squad), a stunning black and white Limited Edition artwork by digital artist and amazing storyteller Mark Davies. From the Summer 2021 Lost in Hollywood 4 Collection. 

Available in a variety of formats and can be upgraded to embellished editions. 

Mark Davies' embellished artworks include glitter elements that emphasise the artworks magical appearance.

A note from the artist:

This piece follows on from my 2020 Joker piece ‘Smile’ that was set within the Arkham Asylum. I wanted to do something as equally dark, it is really intense! What you see focuses on the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker and how incredibly toxic it is. It conveys how completely intoxicated and infatuated she is and under his spell and unable to see the wrongs from their relationship and being unable to truly break away from it. It focuses on how someone can have such a hold over you where you will literally sacrifice everything and do anything for them, whether that is quality of life, state of mind or self-worth.

It runs true to the narrative of the film, but it really builds on this sense of toxicity within a relationship that feature in past pieces such as ‘The Wolf Within’, very dark and real. Yet, I didn’t want it to become too conceptual, as with the ‘Smile’ piece, it has an underlying narrative, but it is a celebration of what the movie’s fans would love but done in my way.

This scene is complete on fire, everything burns and is about to explode and implode. As with ‘Smile’, there are two main characters to enjoy. Harley is breaking away, she screams fight, inner strength, and power! Yet the impact of the Joker’ stood central is massive, sinister and controlling. The piece would have been a cracker without him there as Harley is literally strong enough on her own, but he just reinforces the fact that he still lives on in her mind. Her memories of their relationship exist within the factory buildings, the moment when they first met when she was his Psychiatrist is beautiful and contrasting.

I love how you then see them move in for a kiss. In contrast there’s the powerful moment when the Joker jumps in to pull her out from the acid bath after she almost paid the ultimate sacrifice for his love. These semi-translucent memories that we see and that she sees represent just how no matter how toxic and destructive a relationship can be, these innocent memories that flood your mind won’t fade as quickly as a bruised arm or heart but that ultimately will hold you back.

Ultimately it is a positive image, she is basically saying ‘fuck this, you have no power over me, you don’t own me’. You know what I’m like, I always try to get a car into a scene where possible! I love it! The other characters are depicted in various ways amongst the scene. I have had such fun creating something that is so angry but so positive and I hope through my own interpretation that I have given something unique to the fans of the movie.

Toxicity (Suicide Squad)

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Premium Canvas

Edition Size: 10 hand embellished editions + 2 artist proofs 

Image size: 36 x 27"

Large Limited Edition Print

Edition Size: 20 editions + 5 hand embellished artist proofs 

Image size: 32 x 24"

Available to be upgraded to embellished print 

Standard Limited Edition Print

Edition Size: 45 editions + 5 hand embellished artist proofs 

Image size: 25 x 18.5"

Available to be upgraded to embellished print

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