Was It A Dream? (Frozen) | Mark Davies

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‘Was It A Dream?’ is an interpretation of ‘Frozen 2’ and features the connection between Elsa and the Nokk, the mythical underwater horse. It is a beautiful image that conveys so much, it showcases Mark’s ability to create wonderful underwater scenes that feature so beautifully within his portfolio over the years.

‘Aurora’ features 3 intense images that are inspired by Disney’s blockbuster movie ‘Frozen’ that the long awaited sequel that is released in cinemas today! Mark admits to being a fan, of the movie albeit not the lead song! His ‘Storyteller’ works offered stunning interpretations of many of Disney’s iconic masterpieces and Frozen has long been on the radar. Mark’s personal bond with Lapland stems from spending two holidays there over Christmas and the magic has created a lasting impression. The connection with the Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and the haunting vocals of Arnor Dan are without doubt all linked to the emotions that come from being immersed in such stunning natural beauty.

The aim for ‘Aurora’ was to continue to create art with meaning - especially when taking on something that is so commercial as ‘Frozen’. The images themselves needed to evoke the magic of the film and to be easily identifiable but with an exploration of the complexities of the characters shown. As with so many of Mark’s work there is connection to be made by those who can relate the character’s emotion even if completely unrelated to the film.

Was It A Dream?

Limited Edition Artwork from the Aurora collection 2019.

Standard Print on Paper

Edition Size: 25

Image Size: 25" x 18.5"

Framed Size: 32 x 26"

Available to be upgraded to a glitter embellished artist proof print.

Large Print on Paper

Edition Size: 10

Image Size: 32” x 24"

Framed Size (Approx): 42” x 34"

Available to be upgraded to a glitter embellished artist proof print.

Embellished Canvas

Edition Size: 10

Image Size: 36” x 27"

Framed Size (Approx): 41.5” x 32"

*All dimensions are approximate