Why So Serious? (The Joker) MDV Format | Mark Davies

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Technical Specifications

Why So Serious? (Mark Davies Variation Format), an original artwork by British artist Mark Davies. 

MDV means 'Mark Davies Variations' and includes 5 variations of a smaller-sized original where subtle variations of the image and a different bespoke frame come together to create something unique. The same amount of effort and detail goes into each MDV as a full sized original, just smaller!

From the Lunatics & Legends collection, released in September 2021. 

All editions are hand embellished with a custom frame made by the artist himself, which each frame colour varying from one to the next.

Why So Serious?

Mark Davies Original Variation (5 Slightly Differing Originals Available)

Stretched, embellished canvas with bespoke frame

Image Size: 32 x 24"

Comes Framed

*All dimensions are approximate